Seam on Procedural Mesh

At first I thought this was a UV problem. I verified that the UV map is solid. The included image has a material tiling set to 0 and the seam is still present, so that proves it’s not a UV problem right?

The seam is on the split vertices of my mesh. I needed it split so I could map the texture all the way around. In other situations I could just hide this seam but I need this object to be rotating in the game.

At this point I think this is a normals problem. My thought is that the normals are no longer being averaged over those split vertices. Any suggestions on how I could fix this seam? I’ve already tried setting those normals equal. Since it’s a cylindrical model, one approach I’ve tried is setting those normals equal to their opposites on the back, but with a flipped z. Still can’t git rid of the damn seam!

I get the same seam with shaders that don’t use tangents, so I assume it isn’t a tangent problem.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Thank you,


It seems like the normals are off at the seam points because they don’t smooth out to each other since they’re not connected, so their normal vectors are not being averaged as you’d expect them to, causing these light issues.