Seamless texture across a BUILDING mesh

I am having an issue with texturing a mesh.

I have made a inside layout of a building using blender. I dividing floors, ceilings, walls so I can individually texture them. Thats what I wanted to do…

Turns out I cant.

So basically I want to be able to texture across a mesh wall without UV UNWRAPPING. If I would unwrap, the walls would end up being small in the UV map and therefore I will be forced to make a insanely HD texture.

So is there any way to make a seamless texture across the walls, ceilings, floors of the inside building mesh.

I do not want to re-do everything in unity 3d objects.

Thank you in advance.

I managed to figure this out, what I understood is that I SHOULD UV UNWRAP IT.

Then just re-import the model, and just give it any texture, it doesnt have to fit the actual unwrap, because i can just change the tiling of it in the properties of the .mat file.