【Seamless Texture Generator 】- Quick Simple Tool for Unity Editor

Seamless Texture Generator is simple but handy tool to use within Unity Editor.
If you often fight with making textures seamless by hand or sending them back and forth to your graphic designers, then you can forget about struggling with that.

Seamless Texture Generator will loop your textures so you can tile them and it will be much less noticeable. Package is providing pleasant custom inspector window with clean preview of what will happen with your full texture. You can customize settings to create best fitting set for your texture.

Soon there can appear new tiling methods for unique types of textures like bricks etc.

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How does the Texture Equalize component work?
I have the window open but the only controls that have an effect are 'preview size' and 'preview scale'.
I've tried selecting areas in the source/preview windows, adjusting seed, equalize, whites and blacks, texturize and Apply to Texture... none of the controls have any effect.
Could it be Unity 2021.3.4f1 (when I imported it said some of the API used is deprecated but it thought it could auto-update to the new one)?
There aren't any instructions, and I feel like I'm probably missing something very obvious!

You use equalizer on textures which has too dark (like shadows) or too bright areas to tone them.
(bringing it to albedo like state, it’s just for PBR textures)
At start you can bring ‘Equalize Amount’ to the max and texturize to zero, then increasing blacks you will see that dark parts of texture are becoming brighter.
You can enable texturize to not just make pixels brighter but to fill changed parts with probed texture stamps, it can provide much better effect than just making pixels brighter/darker.

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Ah awesome! I don't know why I had any problem with this, I'm certain I tried the equalize slider before but when I try now I immediately see it doing it's job. Thanks!