Search for files on android

I’m trying to get a list of the paths of all mp3 files on the device to access them ingame by using the WWW class.
I would like to search the device once, populate the list and save it for later use.

How can I scan through all directories (even on external sd card) and retrieve the corresponding file paths?

I only got access to the standard unity version and not pro if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance

You can only search the directory of your app and the SD-Card.

It’s not possible to look into the data directories of the OS or other Apps installed on the device, due to security reasons. Each app runs in it’s own sandbox with a certain userId. This userId is unique per App (or per signature, depending on what the developer decided).

You can use C#/.NET IO Methods to query directories and sub directories.

Take a look at MSDN

The SD card should be by default be mounted as /sdcard

Most of the time, I use AirMore to search, transfer and manage files in my Android. It is wireless and free of usage. You may try it just in case.