Second Camera Makes Scene To lag

Hi to all.

I am facing a hard problem and I am not sure why by adding a second camera to my scene It will make my Scene to lag so HARD!! .

I am using it for rendering to texture, and the rendering will be displayed on a big TV.

But I checked and even if I am just adding the camera without any behaviours attached or any script it still lags .

PLEASE I need your helllpp!!

so the only way is remove this rendering texture and search for other textures or review the script smoething most to be wrong.

The framerate is dropping when you add a second camera, right? Even if you don’t do any render-to-texture? That’s because even if you don’t do render-to-texture, the camera is still rendering in the background. It may render over the top of the main camera, in which case the main camera is hidden but still rendering, or it may render beneath the main camera, in which case you will see no visual change when you add the camera but the performance will still drop.

Unfortunately, there’s very few ways (if any) of helping in this situation. Probably your computer is not powerful enough to render both cameras smoothly, or your scene may be overly complex.