See the size of an overlap sphere

Is there a way to visibly see how large an overlap sphere is? As far as I can tell it given no indication of units for the radius given and since its an invisible physics object I can’t really see how large it actually is. It keeps being to large and I can’t tell how big it really is.

You can use the Gizmo DrawSphere to see the sphere in the Scene:

That needs to go in the OnDrawGizmos or OnDrawGizmosSelected methods.

private void OnDrawGizmosSelected() {
    Gizmos.color =
    //Use the same vars you use to draw your Overlap SPhere to draw your Wire Sphere.
    Gizmos.DrawWireSphere (transform.position + m_Position, m_Radius);

If you want to see it in the Player, the easiest way would probably be to Instantiate a Sphere prefab at the exact same dimensions of your OverlapSphere. I do not think OverlapSphere has any kind of built in way of doing this.

For some reasons, I couldn’t get OnDrawGizmosSelected() to work. But OnDrawGizmos() did the trick just fine !