Seeing slow performance on play-games-plugin-for-unity OpenWithAutomaticConflictResolution

I recently implemented the cloud saving/loading functionality from the Google Play Games Services on my game and I’m getting a considerable delay when retrieving the game.

After some testing I able to pinpoint the culprit to this line in the code:

savedGameClient.OpenWithAutomaticConflictResolution(cloudFileName, DataSource.ReadCacheOrNetwork, ConflictResolutionStrategy.UseLongestPlaytime, callback);

Which is basically the same code that is on the setup page of the plugin project in Github. So far when I open a file that is in the cache it takes around 2.5 seconds which is bad but manageable; however, when it has to get it from the network it can take from 5 to 10 seconds.

it would seem like the call itself takes no time, but rather is the time from when I do the call to when I get the callback.

Now the game is still on development so I don’t know if this is an issue with the fact that the Google Play Developer Console is still on dev mode rather than release, or if it an actual issue with the service itself or if I’m missing something in my configuration.

So all in all, I wonder if anyone else has come up against this issue, and whether or not they were able to solve it and if so how.


The same issue! Did you resolve it? @andreshvs