Seeking a little more clarification with positioning timeline clips on track through script using seconds more accuratly.

hello for a project im working on i am creating timelines through code and placing timeline clips into the track through code as well.

This link was the only thing close to what i was looking for however i am using seconds instead of frames for my clip.start .

I do not think under the production cycle that i may have time to actually make a change to figuring out frames relative the the time stamps i’ve been provided. manually setting this is not an option either.

the accuracy wen using clip. start = float seems to be off by ±0.30 or more when viewed in seconds. so this is where i’m having a hard time. and i need to be within ± .05 ±.10 of my value.

For Example a start value of on the timeline 1.30 actually shows the start as 1.50 why is this?

can anyone help?

The stored values in Timeline (clip.start) are always in seconds. Only the UI will show frames, and will snap time values in seconds to align to the closest frame.

From script no snapping occurs. Whatever time value you set, will be the value used. Timeline uses doubles instead of float for time values, so you should not be seeing any significant rounding errors until you get to very large time values.

Must take time and convert it to SMPTE format other wise the timing will be off. timeline playhead doesn’t show time in SMPTE Timecode (seconds.frames.subframes) instead it shows in seconds.milliseconds so don’t be confused.

I have yet to find a proper converter but most DAWs aside form audacity can display this time code signature.