Seeking a step by step walk through to make a server

Ok.. so I am using unity to create a landscape of a world I am writing a book about. This is just a side project which I thought would be fun to create a 3d visual world of what I am writing. I don't plan on making a huge game out of it, but I would love to have a couple friends be able to log into my creation to check it out, and give me feed back. I want to create my own server, but after days, and countless hours of reading I have yet to find anyone who gave a simple post of how to do this. What I am looking for is a 1-10 step on how to create my own server. Example. 1st you need a microsoft visual studio, then download a library, if you want lighting or moving sky in your world you will need software such as silverlighting, then.... step 2 or 3 through what ever. This formula is no where to be found! The more I read the more confused I get because I am not reading in order. The subject jumps all over the place. The question simplified "What exactly do I need, and in order to make a server that a friend or 3 can interact with?" any help would be grateful. any questions please inquire.....

First place to stop off at is here:

Go through it carefully, if it doesn't make any sense then you can post a more specific question.