Seeking help for Unity lighting system

Hello, I am developing my first horror game and I am facing a significant problem - how to create a lighting system?! I started by attempting to use pre-made assets following a tutorial, but it discouraged me because it’s not suitable for what I am trying to achieve. For instance, the lights pass through collisions, which are a nightmare to define.

My second idea was to use a custom shader, but the Unity store options are either too expensive or not what I need (usually both, 99% of the time). So, my third and final idea is to create it myself! However, as you can imagine, this being my first game, I won’t be performing miracles!

That’s why I’m looking for people who could help me create this challenging system or accompany me during its creation. To give you an idea of the complexity of my concept, I’ve attached two photos. The first one is a rendering done in Figma, and the second one includes explanations for each important detail that makes this project too complicated.

Thank you in advance for the tremendous help you could provide!

My discord: Jamesfrench_
(Sorry, it’s my first time posting on Unity forums)