Seeking Help with High GPU Usage in Simple VR Scene on Quest 2

Hello Unity Community,

I am encountering a serious performance issue in a seemingly simple VR scene on the Quest 2. Every time an avatar mesh appears within the camera's view, my GPU usage escalates to 100%, causing the frame rate to plummet. I've attempted to mitigate this by adjusting the Level of Detail (LOD) settings in the avatar SDK, but without success. The mesh quality already appears low, yet the problem persists.

I've recorded a video showcasing this issue and would appreciate any guidance or insights on how to address it. gjby3b

Could there be an underlying issue in my project setup that I'm overlooking? Are there specific settings in Unity that I should tweak to better manage GPU resources or adjust the quality settings of the avatar mesh? Any advice or suggestions would be highly valued as I aim to improve performance without compromising the visual integrity of the scene.

Thank you in advance for your support and suggestions!