Seldom random crashes android (google cardboard) builds, when loading a new scene.

I am developing for Google Cardboard. It runs perfectly on the editor, but when I build an apk and run it on android, it randomly crashes when the app is moving to the next scene. I use LoadSceneAsync BUT I also used LoadScene and it also crashed.
It crashes about 20 percent of the time. That is why it feels like it’s untraceable.
A. Can you think about a reason why it happens? And why the crushes are inconsistent?
B. Is there a way to get a Crash Data from a Log file or something like that, so I can trace the reason of the crash on my phone? (I don’t want to use an emulator because the crash is on my phone)

Hey there, did you ever find a solution to this? Seeing random crashes when running LoadSceneAsync on Oculus Quest using Unity version 2019.4.14.