Selected folder is not a Unity project

Wen I start the program, in the “Unity - Projecto Wizard (4.1.5f1)” window, I clic in “Open Other…” button and I go to the folder “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects\4-0_AngryBots\Assets” in the new window to open the “Demo project” and in the downside of the window, says “Selected folder is not a Unity project”, but if I go on the normal folder explorer I can see the file “AngryBots.unity”… Why Is not posible to open it whit the program?

I have an Acer Aspire S3, W7HP SP1 64bits, Intel Core i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz, 4GB Ram.

Here the capture of screen…

In UnityProjects folder, select (don’t open) AngryBots folder, then you select it as project folder.

Tx, the first time when you select the folder is necessary to reboot the software and now it work well… :wink: