Selecting 2 items from array without selecting the same item twice

I’m trying to select 2 items from an array, and want to make sure i don’t pick the same array item twice, but i’m not sure how to go about doing that.

Below is a sample of my script…

var aColors = new Array ();  //array for the list of colors below

aColors[0] =;
aColors[1] =;
aColors[2] =;
aColors[3] = Color(1, 0.3, 0);  //Orange
aColors[4] = Color.yellow;
aColors[5] = Color(0.4, 0.0, 1);  //Purple

randomColor = Random.Range(0,5); 
finalColor = (colors[randomColor]);

secondColor = //any array item except finalcolor

secondRandom = Random.Range(0,5);
while (secondRandom == randomColor)
secondRandom = Random.Range(0,5);
secondFinalColor = colors[secondRandom];

There are many ways, this is one.
Another is where you generate an array of random values, then sort it, also sorting the indices, then the indices are in random order, but you know there’s only one of each, so you can just pick the first two. And so on.