Selecting animation from FBX selects two animations at once


I have multiple animations in the same FBX. Trying to select one of them doesn't work because another animation gets selected with it (see attached file).

This prevents me from pulling it into the animator too. I can't even see the animation in the preview window I clicked on because it just shows me the other one that gets selected. Searching for the clip manually in the animator will just select the other clip there as well.
It's like the clip I want doesn't even exist.
Selecting the other clip first also selects both by the way.

Restarting Unity, reimporting the file, re-exporting from Blender and renaming the clips doesn't change a thing.

This is super annoying, does anyone know what's going on here?

(Using Unity 2022.3.4f1 and Blender 3.4)



I currently have the exact same problem. Did you come up with a solution meanwhile?

Unity 2021.3.28f1, Blender 2.79b

Unfortunately I haven't. Sorry you stumbled into this as well.
I couldn't avoid just deleting the broken file. Exporting and setting up the same one again and reassigning all clips in the animator. It's annoying but at least it worked.

Luckily this hasn't happened to me in a while. I guess splitting up animations into smaller, seperate FBX did the trick here but I'm not sure. Maybe it was a Blender bug all along or something, I'm using Blender 3.6. at the moment and it hasn't happened since.

Thanks for your reply. I just found out that the order of animations in the FBX importer in Unity makes a difference. But I have the feeling, that it has to do with animation frames being doubled on the Blender side. I'm adding animations to the same mesh for some years now, but the problems started when I recently began to split up baked animations (rendered from IK to FK) into smaller parts. But still researching.

Hi! We also have this problem...
Have you found any solution or the cause of the problem?


I just got this bug and managed to find the problem and solution. The issue occurs when, for some reason, Unity assigns the same internalD to multiple animations in the meta file. This is why both animation clips become selected when you only pick one.
To fix it, open the meta file associated with the fbx (remember to back it up just in case anything goes wrong). You can use any text editor. Search for the names of the anim clips that bugged and delete the entries. The entries are multiple lines starting with "- serializedVersion: " and ending with "additiveReferencePoseFrame: ". Going back into Unity should reload the fbx without the bugged clips and you should be able to work with the file again.

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Awesome. Luckily this bug hasn't happened to me in quite a while but next time it does I know what to do! Thank you for sharing!

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