Selecting Assets from Scene

So what I’m trying to achieve is an editor window but in the scene instead. I’d like to more visually represent things through the scene to our designers while they are building data assets for our game. So I’m making a character creator for our designer, but in order for it to work we need to be able to select sprites, prefabs, etc. from the project section. Is there a way, from a running scene in the editor, to get access to the assets in the project view? If someone knows for sure that it isn’t I would appreciate that as well so that I can move on. Just seeing if someone may have solved this already, or at least knows I’m crazy. :smiley:

What do you mean by getting access to the assets?

In theory, if you code everything correctly, you can achieve that effect. You can get a list of assets and prefabs. Set them to a list of GameObjects. Code a GameObject placing system. And make everything work out.

What exactly are you looking for here?