Selecting multiple sprite slices in Sprite Editor

Hi! Quick question: is there a way to select multiple sprite slices when working in the Sprite Editor? I would like to form them into several groups, naming each group differently. I do not want to use custom naming convention which derives a name from a spritesheet and adds consecutive numbers to single sprites’ names. I tried using ctrl + LMB, but to no avail.


It doesn’t make much sense why there is no built-in multi selection functionality inside the sprite editor yes, but luckily there are workarounds to that problem.

First option would be to edit the .meta file of the spritesheet. There you can use both macros and find-replace operations to edit multiple sprites at once.

Second option, which is a little more advanced, would be to write a script that can edit multiple sprites using the base API of the sprite editor: SpriteEditorModuleBase. This allows you to create your own sprite editor module, which shows up in the sprite editor left-top dropdown menu. There you can access sprites using the field spriteEditor which uses an interface ISpriteEditor .

From here you can add buttons to the sprite editor to do what you want on multiple sprites, or even write your own editor that supports multi-selection.

Third option would be to use an asset that solves it for you. I’ve worked on many 2D projects so far, where we used lots of tilesets/spritesheets. During this time I’ve created an asset called Volt Spriter which is available on the asset store and it uses the API mentioned above.

You can now download Multi-Sprite Editor on the Asset Store. Allowing you to use EVERY FEATURE of the Sprite Editor on MULTIPLE Sprites at once, the be-all end-all solution!

Press on one of the sprite slices then shift+click on the last part of the sprite u wanted to include. For example if u had 32 slices of a walking sprite sheet u wanted in animation window, just press on the first slice then go down to the 32th slice and shift+click it to select all the sprites sheet slices at once.