Selecting objects in the Editor always selects parent

When setting levels up in the Editor I am just dragging the cursor across a selection of tiles to select multiple ones (for copying and pasting or whatever) but every time I do it just automatically selects the parent, therefore selecting everything. It has never done this before and I have no idea why it’s all of a sudden started. My friend is working on the same project and his isn’t doing it.

I’m using a Mac to develop on so I’m not sure if I’ve accidentally pressed a hotkey or anything. Anyone else come across this?


Break the prefab instance!

Yes, this happened to me after the update as well. VERY frustrating as I can no longer edit my scenes as before. At least give the option to select NOT the parent, this is completely unusable.

If you have a similar situation like me, where you have nested prefabs and don’t want to select the root-prefab, it may be helpful to know that you can Alt+Click the “pickability” (the hand/finger icon to the left of gameobjects in the Hierarchy) to make ONLY that gameobject un-selectable and not its children. I use a prefab container for all environment gameobjects in my scene, and just learned about this Alt+Click, which fixed the issue of me clicking on any environment gamobject in Scene View and it selecting the root prefab container.