Selection script and text box input

Basically, i have this checkers game and i dont know how to script it. All i need is a script that recognizes when the player clicks on a piece, then a text box to come up allowing the used to input numbers (positive numbers only) and have the piece move there on the board. For example, click the piece at 2,3 and type in 5,7 and it moves to 5,7. I have NO idea how to do this so any help is greatly appreciated. It does NOT have to follow the rules of checkers, i basically just need working selection, grid, and input scripts. Ive been looking for them for a while, but with no luck.

I also need this ASAP! So anything you can do to help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

I can't help but ask the obvious question: Why was the class given an assignment involving scripting if no one in the class knows anything about scripting? :-|

As for your question, you might get the help you're looking for here, but I think this kind of question often fairs better in the forums than on Unity Answers (if only because the forum format is more conducive to follow-up questions and answers).

What I would do though is start at the very beginning. Do you know how to detect when an object has been clicked on? If not, I'd start a new thread either here or on the forums addressing that specific question, and someone should be able to help.