SelectionGrid: Change the active background texture


Does anyone know how to change the background texture of an active selectiongrid? I have added a GUIStyle for it and changed a few background textures, like normal, hover, active and focused. Everything works, except for that ‘active’ only is used when you click it and hold the mouse button, when you release it i get the normal background again.

I am guessing i have to change it in the script. Can anyone help me with this? It’s pretty hard building a game up from the ground with no experience so any help will be appreciated!

Here’s an image:
alt text

As you can see, there is no way of telling that the second item is selected. But when i hove my mouse over the items, you can see the background texture change.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, i’m here for two reasons, one is to help you, and the second is you to help me, well, the first one:

maybe you should make an boolean variable type for each slot, and switch it to true when clicked and switch texture if the variable is true, and change all others to false if at least one of them are true, all the others are false, in order to have only one item selected, then click again to deselect the same item.

now, on the second one:

Im trying to make something like this for one of my games, can you spare me some clues or tell me where did you get this code or example?