Selectiongrid formatting with guistyle.wordwrap

Im using a selection grid for a simple table that i need to display. the window theyre in is fixed size with a fixed horizontal internal window and a scrollable vertical one. When an entry is too long i need it to use a new line like, say, excel would. by default the end gets chopped off

alt text

The only option in guistyle that seemed to make sense was guistyle.wordwrap. however when i set this to true it has the desired effect by going to the next line when neccessary but it also creates a huge gap between each one

alt text

i cant even see another entry in the window to show how big the gap is! Any ideas how i can fix this? or is there something else that provides a grid like selectiongrid?

void OnGUI () {
		windowRect = GUI.Window(0, windowRect, GuiFunc, "Record");
	Rect insideWindow;
	void GuiFunc(int id) 
		scrollPosition = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scrollPosition, new GUIStyle());
		GUILayout.SelectionGrid(0, gui, 2, listStyle);
		if (GUILayout.Button("Close"))
			mouse = false;
			guiOn = false;

void Start () {
		windowRect = new Rect(Screen.width/2 - 170, Screen.height/2 - 150, 340, 300);
		insideWindow = new Rect(0, 0, 340, 1000);
		listStyle.normal.textColor = Color.white; 
	    listStyle.padding.left =
	    listStyle.padding.right = =
	    listStyle.padding.bottom = 4;
		listStyle.fixedWidth = 150;
		//listStyle.fixedHeight = 30;
		//listStyle.stretchHeight = true;
		listStyle.wordWrap = true;
		listStyle.clipping = TextClipping.Overflow;

This should answer what you’re looking for. “How to Adjust the width and Height of your BeginHorizontal or BeginVertical” which helps with Custom Inspector Layout… How to clamp EditorGUILayout controls' width ? - Unity Answers