SelectionGrid is not returning a value!!

I’ve written an Inventory system and have come to a point where I want a small submenu to popup in the form of a selection grid, except that the selection grid isn’t returning any value, it stays the same value it was initialized to… So stupid… however, whenever I right click it does return a value, but not on left click…

Here’s my code where I use selection grid, I declare my menuChoice int as a global variable.

if(menuActive == 2)
				menuPos = new Vector2(mouse.x + 13, mouse.y);
					menuActive = 1;
				Debug.Log("Before Selection : " + menuChoice);
				menuChoice = GUI.SelectionGrid(new Rect(menuPos.x, menuPos.y, 100, 100), menuChoice, menuItems,1); 
				Debug.Log(" Selection : " + menuChoice);

So i found out what you have to do. You have to wait until the next onGui draw frame until you stop drawing the selectiongrid.