Selective LOD Group distance?

So, you might already know about the variable in RenderSettings that changes the distance of the LOD Groups, I need only a few of my LOD Groups to not listen to that variable, like player usernames over their heads, this cannot render across the map.

The easy way of putting it is, I need most LOD Groups to be affected by the LOD distance setting, but a few not to be affected.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Simple answer. Don’t use LOD for worldspace UI elements if they do not have LOD objects. LOD is meant to swap out mesh, shader and materials to improve performance based on size on screen. Instead use a script that simply checks if the nameplate is in range and disable or pool it out.
You don’t have to do this in update. I Enumerator that ticks every so often is just as good, and way cheaper over time. Heck if you’re pooling you can do a check on a new plate every frame instead of checking all 30 w/e plates per update.

If you really “Must” use LOD Group’s then simply add a radical LOD layer where you want nameplates to disappear and just not add them in lower Rez layers.
(Lod0 has Lod0 & nameplate) then (Lod1 has Lod1 and nameplate) then (lod2 has Lod1) and (lod 3 has Lod2) then etc.

As you can see lod 2 is where we don’t want to see nameplates anymore, but because we still want lod 1 at lod 2 we just keep going. This is counter intuitive but a hack if needed. I would recommend just dropping nameplates according to your Current LOD setup instead of adding a radical LOD or using a second LOD Group. The update and distance check is way less intense then having a second LOD Check for each entity in your scene and adapting your logical nameplate distance to fit your LOD Group is even cheaper.

So: adapt{See above par.} > script > Radical LOD for none LOD objects > Second LOD Group.

I can honestly see why you would want to use the world space UI size for Culling. If you’re on a small project it’s fine. But any larger and you’re only going to mess your team around when it comes to content development {BETA}, if your going to have a messy LOD Group Blueprint.

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