Selectively import objects from Blender

I have a model in Blender which consists of a hierarchy of “real” objects and “dummy” objects. For example:

  • Armature
    • Biped Mesh
  • Rigging Control
    • Left Hand Control
    • Face Control
      • Eye Control
      • etc

In the example, everything in the Rigging Control hierarchy are empty objects that act as targets for IK, animation control, etc. I would like to exclude these objects from Unity so that they do not import. Is there a way to do this?

(I know I can delete the objects manually when I instantiate a copy in Unity’s scene editor, but this breaks the prefab connection. As I am still in the art tweaking phase, I would prefer not to do that.)

It depends on the exporter. I usually just import .blend files, but in this case you might want to try collada or something that lets you export ‘selected only’