Self hosted Unity Multiplayer alternative?

Hi all

We’re a small startup providing a free educational service to kids, but we have no money and around 1000 concurrent users at any one time. Not all in one game, but in multiple games of around 30 players.

I would like to set up Unity’s Unet Transport Layer or High level API for interclient sync. I understand the basic principles of how that works.

However, our service is a web based service, so clients will be in different locations.

I would like to avoid the costs of the “Unity multiplayer” service, because although it looks excellent we simply don’t have the funds.

We do, however, have a server. So I would like to host the same kind of service as the “Unity multiplayer” service on our server. i.e. run the matchmaking and session management etc from our server rather than the unity paid service.

We will be deploying to Android, iOS and WebGL.

Does anyone know a way to do this please?

Thank you VERY much!

You can try to create your own solution


you can create a nat-punchthrough so you don’t have to connect to the unity relay server


you could wait for Unity to release the “Networking: Standalone Simulation Server”

Thank you, this is very helpful information. I’ll look into these. Much appreciated.