Self-Illuminated Normal mapped Specular Shader questions

Hi, I'm creating some textures for a project and I don't understand how to correctly use the Self-Illuminated Normal mapped Specular Shader. I've read this and looked at some similar questions but have been unable to sort out some things. Will anyone help me with the following:

  • What are the correct import settings for the Illumin texture?

  • Do I define the texture's self-illumination on the RGB channels of the Illumin map, the alpha channel of the Illumin map, or the alpha channel of the normal map?

Thanks for any help!

"One consideration for this shader is that the Alpha Channel of the Bump map also defines the Illumination Map. "

From here. To me, this implies that, while the RGB data from the normal map is being used for the bumpmapping, the alpha channel of the same texture is being used for the illumination data.