Self signed SSL certificates for WWW class?

Hello, I have trouble sending POST requests with the WWW class to my server over SSL. I’m using self signed certificates.

Is it possible to provide the certificate to the Unity or ignore certificate validation at all?


EDIT: I solved the problem by specifying the domain name into the common name of the .csr file when generating it.

Hello has anybody answered this question? Unity has profi support. I can’t find solution with WWW and self signed certificate https. I pay a lot money for unity but not solution found.

Error code Andoid:
11-18 11:28:09.857 7407-7426/? E/Unity﹕ ParseDataTest: Trust anchor for certification path not found.
(Filename: ./artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 65)

Unity Error code:

ParseDataTest: data:SSL: certificate subject name 'localhost' does not match target host name ''

Tahk you so much.