sell to third-party iphone applications (for example, private/publisher)

hi, Were going to buy a Unit3d i-phone license: we would realize an i-phone application that well sell to a publisher. Next the publisher will publish the i-phone application on the app-store.

Now its important that were been solved about some doubts:

  1. The application creator and the application seller must be the same person?
  2. If we own the Unit3 i-phone license and the publisher doesnt, how does the publisher (as seller) publish the application on the app-store?
  3. Could the application creator make a box to be passed to commitments or publishers in order not to hold himself of publication?

In short, we would realize Unit3d i-phone applications that will be sold to clients or commitments that own a very space (like sellers) on app-store. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

As far as I know you can use Unity to work on projects for other people.

You need to have an iPhone Developers license (from Apple) yourself. Unity then builds (creates) an xcode project.

You would supply the xcode project to the publisher and they would use their own Apple developer certificate to submit the game to the app store.

I do not understand what you are saying in the last sentence so I think the best thing to do is email the last question to sales at Unity - they are super helpful - always pleasant - their sales team they will answer this definitively for you.

Keep in mind you need to be an apple developer in order to purchase the Unity iPhone package.