Selling a game with a partner. Do I need a company?

Hello. My name is Andrew and I would like to know if I will need to file a company name in order to sell my team’s games (Me and my partner). Is it required to have a company in order to pay taxes on what you receive? Or can you just sell games under your own name in order to receive payments? I intend to sell my games from Steam and I would like to know everything before we finish our first game.

Thank you!

You don’t NEED one. But you’ll probably WANT one. (And yes this is definitely a Unity-related question, because some people intend to develop games to sell.)

With an LLC (or any corp), you can write off like 50% of business-related purchases from taxes. That includes Unity itself, assets from the asset store, maybe contract services (i.e. for coding)… and lunch w/ your friend (so long as you have ‘the intent to make money’).