Semicolons are seen as an unexpected symbol

I’m trying to code a script that makes a light flash when I left-click, because I’m trying to simulate a gun muzzle.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class LightFlash : MonoBehaviour {

	public class LightIntensityDefault = 2;
		public class LightFlashIntensity = float;

	void Update () 
			LightFlashIntensity = 4;
			LightFlashIntensity = LightIntensityDefault;
		light.intensity = LightFlashIntensity;

@Jessy, @Vexe - to be fair, newbie posters here are often criticised for asking “Plz will somebody write a script to do xxx” when they haven’t even had a go themselves first (and, many times, kind people will give them the exact script they ask for).

At least the OP has demonstrated at least some attempt to try to help themselves before asking for help. I agree it is somewhat baffling, but they’ve had a go!

@BDX777 - your script is, essentially, nonsense. It’s not a single error - you’re trying to assign an integer (2) and a type (float) to a class (LightIntensittDefault and LightFlashIntensity), you’re using a Yield instruction in an Update() function, you haven’t put semicolons at the end of instructions, or brackets to denote conditional blocks, you’re trying to assign an integer (4) to a class that you previously tried to declare as a float…

I think you need to take a step back and follow some coding tutorials because, even if somebody here were to write this script for you, I fear that it wouldn’t be long before you encounter another problem.