Send array of transforms via RPC. [C#]

I need to send an array of transforms over the network using an RPC call. This must be done in such a way so that the receiving end can do whatever it wishes to those transforms.

I'm simply baffled as to how to do it. Sending it as a Transform[] returns the error "Sending RPC failed as parameters were invalid. Expecting 1 parameter, received 5".

Sending them as an Object[] seems to work, but for some reason trying to convert them back to transforms, and Network.Delete them either deletes the last one, or deletes none of them at all, returning a typecast error.

Theoretically converting them to a byte array could work, but there is nothing on converting an array to a byte array in c# on the net.

I'm baffled!

If you look in the manual it says "Valid RPC parameters are int, float, string, NetworkPlayer, NetworkViewID, Vector3 and Quaternion.". So no Transform and no [].

If you need the Transforms as references you will have to construct something with NetworkPlayer or NetworkID. If you are only interested in the values of the transforms and don't want to modify them you can send the three parameters (Position, Rotation, Scale) via RPC.