Send data to .cshtml page


I want to send my data like score from unity to a .cshtml page that handle database connection and inserting that data.

I do not know how should i send my data and how get that.i know there is some ways in php and mysql but i need it in that format.


Well, seeing as how .cshtml is an ASP.NET byproduct, there should be numerous ways to send your data to the cshtml page and parse the data once it gets there.

Since you’re basically handling data in the same programming environment, you could simply send a byte array that can then be converted into whatever information you’re trying to handle.

Is the .cshtml page authored by you? That’s really the main question, because if it’s not, then you have to find out how that page is trying to parse the information. There is no ‘standard’ when it comes down to that, it’s really up to whoever designed the .cshtml page that is acting as the parser and information handler.

using www class you can send your data directly to an actionresult in a controller and handle everything there. considering cshtml is a front end part of asp it would not be a good idea to do that.