Send HTML email to native email client

Application.OpenURL(“mailto:” + email + “?subject:” + subject + “&body:” + body);

should open an email client, but url encoding doesnt work for an html body.
Any ideas how to open up the native email client and send it an html body?

I am not sure whether Application.OpenURL works for iOS, but if your only problem is proper URL encoding, then use WWW.EscapeURL(body) instead of body ;).

There is no direct way to send html text. You need to use a plugin.

Cross Platform Native Plugins allows share via

  • E-Mail
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whats-App

It supports iOS and Android platforms with a unified interface.

You can send HTML text as body here. And the plugin is free to use for sharing feature.

I found a two way to send email from unity. Hope this will help you.