Send Message not working!

Hello everyone,
It seems to be a simple but I can’t know whats wrong.

I have an empty game object with tag modelHolder.
I attached the script “InstantiatePrefab” to it.

function Start ()
prefab = Instantiate (myHouse, gameObject.transform.position , Quaternion.identity);
prefab.transform.parent = transform;
var script : ChangeCursor = prefab.AddComponent(ChangeCursor);


function CreateNext()

And here’s the code for “ChangeCursor”

function OnMouseUp()
isPlotted = false;
var obj= GameObject.FindWithTag (“modelHolder”);

I want simply to call the function CreateNext in the script “InstantiatePrefab”, when
the drag is over and the mouse is up.
any solution?

Instead of using send message(which doesnt work, send message sends that call to all the scripts on the GO calling it, see ref), just call the function.