Send Message Overload

I’m trying to overload a method… something like:

function Blah ()
Debug.Log(“Do Something”);

function Blah (string : String)
Debug.Log(“Do Something and using that String”);

and I’m calling as:
SendMessage (“Blah”);
SendMessage (“Blah”, “Hello”);

If I put Blah() in first place at my code, I receive two “Do Something” message. But if I put Blah(string:String) in first place, I receive one “Do Something and using that String” and one error: missing 1 argument.

What’s happening? SendMessage don’t support overloaded methods or I missed something?

Quick solution:

function myFunction(args : Hashtable){
	var myString = args["myString"];
		print("function with custom string "+myString);
	} else {
		print("function without string");

you will always have to provide a hashtable as an argument, but just use emptyHash = new Hashtable();