Send realtime data via android to a unity based PC game

I need to send accelerometer,other sensor data from a android app to a Unity car racing game running on the PC locally. The data has to be sent real time( with the least lag) as it will change the dynamics of the game.
The options I am trying

  1. Send the data to dropbox, google drive from the phone . Then read the synced file on the computer via the game. But this option is giving a lag of 4-6 seconds due to slow syncing.
  2. I was thinking to go ahead and create a bluetooth connection between unity based PC game ( server side ) using a dongle and the android phone (as the server) . Then transfer data in one direction. Any suggestions/links to help me solve this option ?

Any other suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Use sockets.

Do sockets work with unity basic mode ? Or it requires unity pro version ?