Send/Receive a mesh over network

I tried searching on google and unity answer but couldn’t find solution to my question, so creating new question.

I want to send a mesh from one machine to another over a network. The receiving side needs to be able to show that mesh in Unity. There is no such requirement on whether sending side is unity or not(any would be fine). So, is there a way that I can receive meshes over network and show them in unity?

Note: what I’m actually trying to do is creating meshes in real time using a algorithm called DynamicFusion which creates deformable real time geometry using kinect. So, I just want to get meshes from that sequentially, send them over network to another machine running Unity and render it in unity.

Yes, the Mesh class allows you to get and set all relevant information (at least mesh.vertices and mesh.triangles but you’ll probably also want mesh.uv and mesh.normals) which are easy to serialize as they are basically just arrays of numbers or vectors. You can send those, create a new Mesh on the client side and set all the received information. So basically, instead of sending a mesh in one piece, just send all pieces of data that make a mesh and assemble them on the client.

Hi All! were you able to send and update meshes in realtime? what kind of protocol did you use?Thanks!!!

These nodes connect to multiple other nodes and communicate with each other to transfer data. Every device has at least two ways in which it can send and receive informations. Because of that, the whole network doesn’t rely on one node only.

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Hi All,
I’m doing something similar but when I received new vertices the triangulation of the mesh is completely wrong. Since the first frame is received, it seems that a new triangulation is computed and this new triangulation is kept for all the updated vertices. Do you have an idea on how I can fix this?Thanks