Sending change of atribute of one player to all others to also applay that change

So if i have 4 players connected ( 1 server 3 clients ), and lets say i change color of second player, how can i applay that change to be visible on other clients and server.

Networking is a broad topic, but here’s the basic step by step for what you’re asking

  1. Attach your colour changing script and network view to your object that is changing colour
  2. Set the ‘Observed’ field of the network view component to be the colour change script, by dragging the script component onto ‘Observed’. Let me know if this step isn’t clear
  3. In your colour change script, add a new function called OnNetworkSerializeView, as explained here Unity - Scripting API: Network.OnSerializeNetworkView(BitStream,NetworkMessageInfo)
  4. Serialize each of the values you want to synchronise across the network. In this case you’ll be wanting to send the colour, probably as a Vector3

Assuming you change the colour of the object from the network owner of the object, this will synchronise the colour across all connected clients.