Sending games via bluetooth?

So I was wondering, is it actually possible to make a unity mobile game where you can create a lobby, and invite other people who DON’T have your game (but have bluetooth) to play as well?

Like, for instance, a Poker game. On your Android phone, you create a lobby, and it will scan the surrounding area for people who have bluetooth, and you can choose particular people to invite into the lobby, even when they didn’t download the game. On their phones, they’ll receive an invite of some sort, then the game will load up on their own screens, and everyone can play together, iPhone or Android.

Can that work?

If so, is there any direction you can point me to? Because I’m honestly quite confused about how to make this…


You can only download the game from App Store (on a non-jailbroken phone in any case). You can’t send “code” between devices, though basic scripting can be made to work.