Sending info to/from different networkViews

I have a player with a NetworkView of 1. I need to send an RPC to a gameobject on the server with a networkview of 4. However, the player is only sending info to the gameobject with a NetworkView of 1, which doesn’t have the script player is trying to access. How can I send the RPC through the correct NetworkView?

You need to do some networking magic here. a NetworkView ( NV ) can only communicate with one other NV on each client, the one with the same NetworkViewID, which is causing your problem.

Because of this limitation, it is impossible to make NV #1 to talk with NV #4 directly. Instead we can use NV #4 from the GameObject that has NV#1. What you need to do is call NV #4 from a script that is cconnected to NV #1 and tell it to send the RPC instead. The code looks something like:

//in GameObject that has NV#1