Sending Mac build to friend

Hi y’all,

So, I built this small game in my computer coding class, and I wanted to send it to my online friend because I’d been raving about it endlessly for weeks on end, so I gave her a dropbox link containing the build (which apparently can cause issues, but I don’t think we’ve hit the stage where we need to worry about that), but she’s having issues and I’m stumped.

She primarily uses a Mac, but I don’t own one of those, nor do I know anyone who does, so I can’t import the Unity project onto a Mac and build it there to ensure there are no cross-platform complications, as pretty much all the answers I find here suggest when they aren’t about finding the build option for Macs in the installer (I did make the mistake of not knowing that there had to be a separate, specific built for a Mac, but that particular hurdle has been crossed).

Because my friend lives so far away and she’s the only person I know with a Mac, this makes troubleshooting… interesting. I’m not sure what she’s trying to do with what I gave her, but she says that attempting to open it causes it to just give her code in a text edit file. (Note that currently she is not responding; when I get what this spewed code is and what she is trying to open, I will provide an update). I think she’s trying to open the wrong file, but… I’m not really sure.

Meanwhile, I believe she is supposed to be opening the single file found in the MacOS folder, but my Windows computer just sees this as a ‘File’ so I’m not sure if it’s transferring correctly to her.

Is this just a bad case of terrible communication between people who use different types of computers or did I mess up somewhere? Thanks for any and all help!

I had nearly same problem but with sending build to my friend. And it was build with my win10 64 and sended to his win10 64, so it was the same system but he respond only black screen and crash. Same build same system same city and didnt work. He just came to me, to see it :wink: Just try to have fun with build options and test with your friend :slight_smile: