Sending messages to a command prompt when running in batchmode and nographics


I am working on a multiplayer game and I am planning on using the command prompt for some server stuff. But I have run into a small problem. I do not know how I can send messages to it. For example:
When a player clicks the server.bat file it should open the server. It has the basic arguments of “Game.exe -batchmode -nographics -executeMethod NetworkScript.StartServer”. Now I want to give the player some feedback in the command prompt, like “Server started with this port, this many players e.t.c”. But how do I do this? How can I send messages and handle the command prompt from the game?

Thanks in advance

Trying using an empty -logFile argument without a file specified which should allow the logfile to print to screen/console. Use the print() method in unity as some in the past have had success with it outputting to the logfile/console.