Sending Microphone Input over Network

There seems to be very little on the web regarding sending your mic input to another client over a network. This is a link I found on the unity forum… The script rooch84 posted was pretty helpful and I have managed to setup the connection between the server and client, as well as successfully record/send the audio from the mic input to the other client.

This is great however the audio quality isn’t very good; it makes your voice “sound like a robot”.
When recording the mic input directly to an audio source and playing it back afterwards the sound is fine (without sending it through a network)…

So my question is does anyone know how to improve the script or where I can find a tutorial on this subject?
The current script I am using seems to be:
• Recording the mic input to an audio source
• Reading the audio clip from the audio source component frame by frame
• and finally sending that data during each frame through an RPC to the other client

This does leave the audio on the other clients side sounding “choppy” though :frowning:
Has anyone had this problem before and what did you do to fix it?

If you know more about this it’s be great if you contribute because there really doesn’t seem to be much on this subject on the web yet - Perhaps someone would like to make a tutorial :wink:
Thanks for the help!

Check out the asset store, there is a new package that allows speech over network.