Sending Unity Web Request Post returning empty from webhost

iv been stuck on this for a long time and I just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. This is working perfectly if im connecting to http://localhost/ but if I try it on my domain and host online then it suddenly doesn’t return any information.

This is my httpPost class:

public static IEnumerator httpPost(string path, string data, Action<APIHttpRequestModel> callback)

    byte[] bodyRaw = new System.Text.UTF8Encoding().GetBytes(data);
    var www = new UnityWebRequest(path, UnityWebRequest.kHttpVerbPOST);
    www.uploadHandler = (UploadHandler)new UploadHandlerRaw(bodyRaw);
    www.downloadHandler = (DownloadHandler)new DownloadHandlerBuffer();
    www.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");

    Debug.Log(; // This still returns the JSON string it's sending

    yield return www.SendWebRequest();

    if (www.isNetworkError)
        Debug.Log("Something went wrong, and returned error: " + www.error);
        callback(new APIHttpRequestModel(false, 400, www.error));
    } else
        Debug.Log(www.downloadHandler.text); // This returns empty because server isn't receiving any data
        if (www.responseCode == 200)
            callback(new APIHttpRequestModel(true, www.responseCode, www.downloadHandler.text));
            callback(new APIHttpRequestModel(false, www.responseCode, www.downloadHandler.text));

I’ve tried debugging and these is what iv found so far:

  • If I try to Debug.Log() the it is
    populated with data.
    • If I output the request data on the server there is no data getting
    • If I try to connect to the same link, on the web host, through a REST
      Client, it’s returning the proper
    • It definitely is hitting the URL and path specified, but when I try to
      return the request data, it’s just

TL;DR: The code is hitting the endpoint, but not returning data (trying to output the data it sent) on a production server, if I do it locally it’s working fine. If I try with a REST client to production server it’s working fine aswell.

I downloaded the latest version of unity and it seems to be working fine there, so it’s something related to 2017.3.1f1

Apperantly this is a bug in some versions of Unity (I’m using version 2017.3.1f1)

The reason this is happening is because unity is sending the following header along with the request: “Transfer-Encoding: chunked” which many server’s can’t handle.

Adding www.chunkedTransfer = false; fixes this and will set it to the header to Content-Length