SendMessage has no receiver (SmartFox)

I’ve been working, trying, searching, and looking everywhere on the internet to find out how i can fix this error.

SendMessage StartSending has no receiver

I’m working on a Multiplayer Game and I can talk trough the chat (a bit buggy) but I can’t see players update there location.
I really want this to finally be fixed because it’s the only error that keeps me from further develop my game…

Maybe this question is posted like a 100 times already but I never found an awnser that says how to fix this, only links to other pages with more links etc etc.

SendMessage gives that error if there are no functions with the name of the message (in this case, “StartSending”) in the target object.

If you’ve derived your game from the SFS demo, then that specific message (“StartSending”) is not really related to Unity, but rather the demo code and your set up. If I recall correctly, it would be handled by the AnimationSynchronizer and the NetworkTransformSender in the local player object, i.e. the player gets spawned then the various components inside are told (via the SendMessage) that it is time to start sending info to the other clients. Make sure you are sending the message to the right target, and that it has the necessary scripts in it.