SendMessage has no Receiver

I’m following the BurgzergArcade tutorial series, and I encounter this problem at tutorial 265.

I am just starting out learning code.
I have an AI script on my Goblin enemy characters, and in that script there is this bit:

private void MeleeAttack(){
		Debug.Log( "***Melee Attack***");
		//set attackresettimer to the meleeAttackTimer
		_me.meleeResetTimer = _me.meleeAttackTimer;
		//deal with animations
		SendMessage(" PlayMeleeAttack");
		//decide if we hit or not first
			//do something
			Debug.Log("We Hit!");

				//do something
						Debug.Log("We Miss!");

When I go up to the goblin, instead of playing the animation (it has one so thats not it), I receive the error

SendMessage PlayMeleeAttack has no receiver!

To sum up:

  • enemy has animations and AI script
  • When enemy is supposed to play attack
    animation I receive the error

I hope this is enough information, and thanks in advance!

SendMessage(" PlayMeleeAttack") is the space suppose to be there?
post the link se we/I can better see the context