SendMessage throwing "No appropriate version of 'UnityEngine.GameObject.SendMessage'

I’m getting a weird error with these very simple scripts and I’m not sure why. Basically I’m aiming to change a variable in a character movement script when my character “drinks coffee” with a simple SendMessage script in JavaScript:

function BoostStats(){
	character.SendMessage("CoffeeBoost", jumpHeightBoost, walkSpeedBoost, runSpeedBoost);

It’s giving me the following error: “BCE0023: No appropriate version of ‘UnityEngine.GameObject.SendMessage’ for the argument list ‘(String, float, float, float)’ was found.”

“character” is a gameObject that is being called and then found like this:

public var character : GameObject;

function Awake () {		
	character = GameObject.Find ("Character");

Attached to the character object is a C# CharacterMovement script with this method:

	void CoffeeBoost(float jumpHeightBoost, float walkSpeedBoost, float runSpeedBoost){
		jumpSpeed += jumpHeightBoost;
		maxWalkSpeed += walkSpeedBoost;
		maxRunSpeed += runSpeedBoost;

Any ideas as to why I might be getting this error? Is it a communication error with C# and Javascript, maybe? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

SendMessage has two overloads, neither of which support the parameters you’re trying to pass.

Also, the target of SendMessage can either accept 0 or 1 parameters, not 3.