Sentis Demo: Dungeon Escape ⚔️, help the player to flee by giving him text orders

Hey there :wave: ,

We just finished a demo called Dungeon Escape :crossed_swords:. Where you control your character by giving it text orders. It needs to flee from this dungeon by stealing the key and the gold without getting noticed by the guard (the guard AI detection is quite “tolerant” as you can see in the video :sweat_smile:).


The video :point_right:

This demo uses Unity Sentis and Sharp Transformers (The C# version of the Hugging Face Transformers Library) with a sentence similarity model that selects the closest possible action (if any) given the player’s order.

If you’re interested in building that kind of game. I wrote a tutorial: Create an AI Robot NPC using Hugging Face Transformers :hugs: and Unity Sentis

If you have questions, feedback don’t hesitate to ask them here I’ll reply :hugs:


Looks very good. Thanks for sharing with the community!