Sequence Clip's PlayableDirector doesn't enter "Stopped" state when it's the only unmuted track.

I have a Sequence Timeline that has several Sequence tracks, each with their own single Sequence on them.
I need to listen to each one's director.stopped event to trigger behaviours and simplify production.

This event gets called fine after the time has passed the clip, as long as there are other clips on the current graph that can be activated. But as soon as other potential clips are muted, it no longer triggers this stopped state of the clip.


This seems like it must be a bug, right? The clip has been passed in time, why should it matter if other clips are muted for it to enter the stopped state?

Hello, it's me again (again). That is very strange and definitely a bug. I tried it out on my side but I can't seem to replicate it, can you please log this through the editor? I'm very curious to take a look and see what's causing it