Sequencing multiple timeline assets one after the other


I have several timeline assets I've created that all work with the same playable director and represent different parts of a cutscene in my game. During runtime several of these timelines are played one after the other sequentially. Currently I'm using the playableDirector.stopped event to know when one timeline finished so I can replace the playableDirector.playableAsset and play the next one. The problem is that this causes a delay between the end of one timeline to the beginning of the next.

Is there a way to combine several timeline assets during runtime to create a single smooth sequence?
During runtime I know exactly which assets should be played and in what order.


This is one of the uses of control tracks. If each timeline uses a different playable director, control tracks can be used to play them in sequence with no gaps.

During runtime I duplicate the original playable director for each different timeline and created a new timeline with control track to sequence them.

I am using sets of TimelineAssets to control an entire animatronics stage based on characters from the Mars Attacks movie (1988). There are 101 playableDirectors and their associated TimelineAssets. I have it so that a full set of TimelineAssets becomes a scene and several scenes sequenced together make a show. The show may be an hour long with a couple dozen scenes/skits. At runtime I want to play the scene sets one after another and the time of each skit will vary. The scenes are built by clicking on the object in the Hierarchy and it's track shows up for the TimelineAsset installed onto the PlayableDirector or it is dragged to the track window and a n Animation Track is automatically created for it. He will then install signals along that timeline to animate the animatronics (procedural gesturing and actions), stage lighting, sound and psuedo-lip synch. If I can get the last bits working it will be awesome and a show can be sequenced fairly rapidly as opposed to keyframing

From what I can figure the TimelineAsset change will also change the control track so that puts this technique out the window unless I am missing something. i basically want to poll when the current timelineAssets tracks have completed or are going to complete so that I can load the next TimelineAsset set for the next scene into all the PlayableDirectors playable field. So, how do I get the endtime of a track

The thing here is this is not for my use but for someone who is a total newb to Unity and I have to make it as simple and fast as possible for him to put together scenes and sequence them. In that regards if I can just get end times per scene and then load the next in sequence in I already have built all the tools to consolidate the sequencing to the SceneJukeboxSequencer.

Hmmm.. Could I simply make a Signal that is used at the end of a track that signals that the track is ending so load the next TimelineAsset at the incremented index?